1894 Rules and Regulations of the Oconomowoc Public Library Association

The State of Wisconsin recognized the establishment of the Oconomowoc Library Association on the 25th day of August in the year 1893. The library’s founders endeavored to “establish and maintain a public library in the City of Oconomowoc, Waukesha County, State of Wisconsin…for the free use of all residents of said city and vicinity.”

Rule 1. All residents of the City of Oconomowoc and Towns of Oconomowoc and Summit, and all sojourners therein, who shall sign an obligation (which obligation in the case of minor and non-residents shall also be signed as guarantor by some reliable citizen) to observe all the existing Rules and Regulations of the library, and all Rules and Regulations that may be subsequently prescribed by due authority, shall have the right to take books from the library as long as they strictly comply with the said Rules and Regulations. Instead of having some citizens sign as guarantor, the person wishing to take books may deposit with the librarian $3.00 which will be returned at any time on surrender of the card, all Rules and Regulations having been complied with by the borrower.

Rule 2. No person shall be allowed the use there from, subject to the supervision and discretion of the Librarian, but shall replace such books and be responsible for any injury they may do to them. Books may be kept out fourteen days only, provided always any book may be renewed once for seven days to the same person, but not much more than once until it shall have remained in the library one full day in which the library is open. The fine for the retention of a book over the time above specified shall be two cents for every day it is so retained and the librarian is required to give immediate notice by mail, of any delinquency to return the same.

Rule 3. Any book retained two weeks beyond the time prescribed by these Rules and Regulations shall be sent for by the Librarian and the expense incurred in obtaining it shall be paid by the person retaining it. The said expense shall be twenty cents for each book sent for within the city limits and ten cents additional for each mile or fractional part of a mile actually traveled  beyond that distance.

Rule 4. All injuries to books, beyond a reasonable wear and all losses shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Board of Trustees, by the person liable. Any book not returned within one week after being sent for by the Librarian, shall be regarded as lost. If any book be lost, the person for whom it was issued shall pay such sum as said Board of Trustees shall determine, or replace the book, or if it be one of a set, he shall pay the price of a set and take the remaining volumes to himself, if the said Trustees so determine.

Rule 5. All books are required to be returned to the Library one week before the annual examination, under a penalty of One Dollar, but reasonable notice of the time of the said examination shall be give by the Librarian, and no books shall thereafter be taken out until after the annual meeting.

Rule 6. not available

Rule 7. The committee on Library shall determine what books are unsuitable for general circulation, and such books shall be kept for reference and not loaned except by order signed by at least two of said committee.

Rule 8. Every person entitled to borrow books out of the library and desirous to do so, shall receive from the Librarian a card on which his name and residence and numbers shall be inscribed. On this card, the Librarian shall write or stamp the date when taken and, on the return of the book, the date returned. With each book while in the library shall be kept a card bearing the number of the book.  On this card shall be written or stamped the number of the borrower and the dates taken and returned. This card shall be kept in the library during the time the book is out.

Rule 9. Periodicals may, in the discretion of the librarian, be borrowed in the same manner as books, but shall not be kept more than one week nor be renewed.

Rule 10. The Librarian shall have charge and superintendence of the rooms of the library and shall be liable for all negligence in the care and keeping of the books and other property contained in them.

Rule 11. The librarian shall be present in the library in person or by assistant during such times as is may be open to the public, performing the usual duties of a librarian and carrying out these Rules and Regulations. He shall keep a record of all books taken out, by whom, when taken, number of books and general condition when returned. In a separate book, he shall keep a record of all fines and forfeitures and of all persons deprived for any cause whatever  of the benefits of the library.

Rule 12. The Librarian shall keep an accession record in which shall be noted, as the books are received, the title of book, names of author when known, date of accession, accession number, shelf number and name of donor (or if purchased, he shall so state) and a blank shall be left in which shall be noted the final disposition of the book.

Rule 13. Before any book shall be issued the librarian shall cause it to be stamped with the name of this association and marked on the back with its shelf number.  As soon as practicable he shall also cause to be inscribed in each volume, the date of its reception, its accession  number and shelf number and the name of the donor if it be a gift.

Rule 14. The librarian shall annually call in all books for examination, and at the time of each examination shall present to the committee on library, a report of its condition, the number of books lost during the year, the number of books taken out during the same time, the fines collected and any other matter he may deem of interest.

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