Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays from all of us at the library! I hope this month brings you plenty of chances to relax with a great book. What kind of books do you like to read during the holidays? Do you embrace this festive season and read, say, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? Or perhaps you prefer to cut all the holiday sugar and spice with a Stephen King horror novel? Or maybe you are just too darn busy wrapping, baking, card addressing, and fa-la-la-ing, and if that’s the case, may I suggest listening to a good audiobook while you tend to your holiday duties? You can listen to electronic audiobooks on your phone or other electronic device, or check them out on CD. Either kind of audiobook is available to you at no cost,
when you use your library card!

Whatever your holiday reading plans, I hope your season is merry and bright!

Yours in Reading,
Betsy Bleck
Library Director