Dear Friends,

November is Picture Book Month! What picture book from your childhood do you remember most vividly? When I was a kid, my favorite picture book was The Monster at the End of This Book, starring Grover from Sesame Street. This book is still very popular today! That book has it all: The child gets to be smarter than Grover, and braver, too. And there is a lot of clanging and banging and destruction of property in that book, all of which are so satisfying to a child.

Why are picture books important? Sharing books with a child helps with brain development, vocabulary, curiosity, memory, listening skills, and is an excellent opportunity for physical closeness and bonding between child and caregiver. And picture books are fun!

Please stop by the library and share with us what your favorite picture book is. And how about reading a book (or a hundred books!) this month to a child in your life?

Yours in Reading,
Betsy Bleck
Library Director