A Note from the Director – September 2018

Dear Friends,

Happy Library Card Signup Month! Do you have a library card? If not, please sign up for one at the checkout desk today! When you get your library card, you will join an exclusive club of 16,821 other people in and around our city who have an Oconomowoc Public Library card! Getting a card is free. Just bring a photo ID and proof of current address to the checkout desk. Then you will gain access to the millions of items available at all 24 public libraries in Waukesha and Jefferson Counties! 

What is your library card worth? You can find out at the bottom of your checkout receipt, where you will see how much money you saved by using your library card! Or you can visit
ilovelibraries.org/what-libraries-do/calculator for a nifty calculation of how much you save by using your library.

I hope you agree that your library card is the most important money saver in your wallet!

Yours in Reading,
Betsy Bleck, Library Director


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