Library Control and Discipline Policy

The Library Board of Trustees believes that discipline and control are necessary if patrons’ rights to service are to be maintained. A library requires an atmosphere conducive to study, reflection, and research. In order to maintain this atmosphere, it is essential that the library staff set an example of decorum, behaving with moderation, courtesy, and friendliness, so that patrons, in turn, will be influenced to act with consideration for others, in order that the rights of all library users may be protected.

All patrons, regardless of age, are charged with the responsibility to conduct themselves properly, within the limits of the library’s rules, state statutes, and common sense. Persons, who are unable to maintain proper decorum, subject themselves to sanction appropriate to stemming and modifying their inappropriate behavior. Such discipline should be based on prudent judgment appropriate to the behavior and may include the loss of library rights and privileges.

Therefore, the Library Board of Trustee directs the Director of Library Services to establish, with the advisement of the professional staff, the guidelines attached necessary to maintain a proper library atmosphere and environment. The entire library staff, professional and supportive, is charged with the responsibility of following the guidelines and intervening when patrons are disregarding the appropriate standards of conduct and behavior.

The guidelines attached established by the Director of Library services and staff are to be discussed periodically with the Library Board or committee of the Board.

See also – Patron Responsibilities and Conduct Guidelines

Adopted: 11/12/1986
Reconfirmed: 3/8/1995
Reconfirmed: 5/11/2000
Reconfirmed: 5/12/2005
Reconfirmed: 6/11/2009
Reconfirmed: 12/12/2013

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