Petitions/Advertisements/Sales Policy

Persons are strictly forbidden to distribute advertising literature in the library building, to circulate or post petitions, or to solicit funds for any purpose. The Library will not act as a distribution center for free materials which deal with controversial issues, written from one point of view only. Neither will the library act as an agent to sell any type of material no matter how worthy the cause.

The Library is selective in making announcements available for quantity distribution.

Posting of notices and distribution of material does not imply endorsement by the Library.

In all instances the library reserves the right to refuse any announcement it considers too commercial, in bad taste, or of doubtful value.

Adopted: 1/16/1986
Reconfirmed: 3/8/1995
Reconfirmed: 5/11/2000
Reconfirmed: 5/12/2005
Reconfirmed: 6/11/2009
Reconfirmed: 1/12/2014

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