Public Relations Policy

Some of the primary public relations goals of the Library are:

  • Understanding of the Library’s objectives and services by governing officials, by civic leaders, and by the general public.
  • Active participation in the varied services offered by the Library to people of all ages.

The Board recognizes that public relations involves every person who has any connection with the Library. The Board urges its own members and every staff member to realize that he or she represents the Library in every public contact. Good service supports good public relations.

The Library Board and professional staff are encouraged to speak to local service clubs and organizations regarding library topics or issues as requested whenever possible. This is one way that the Library is able to keep the general public as well as special groups aware of current issues. The Library through its memberships in local, state and national associations is taking an active part in library public relations; this is an extension of local public relations efforts.

Any news release made by a local librarian which relates to library policy should be approved by the Director. News releases and information will be distributed through mass media sources: local newspapers, radio and cablevision as appropriate. General information will be distributed on an ongoing basis and will be requested to be used by the media as possible.

Citizen comments and complaints are referred to the Library Director for action and information. The Director should be informed by the Board of any inquiries directed to them. The Director will inform the Board of serious complaints on a regular basis.

The Board encourages the Friends of the Library to assist the Board in enlisting community support for the Library, interpreting its aims and objectives and promoting greater understanding of the library in every facet of civic life.

The library staff and Board are encouraged to participate in local activities.

Under the ultimate responsibility of the Director, the library staff creates various publicity materials for the library. These materials include publications, brochures, articles, etc. as necessary to promote activities and/or to inform patrons.

The library maintains an up-to-date website, cable access channel, and social media sites. These are upgraded as needed.

Adopted:  1/16/1986
Reconfirmed:  3/8/1995
Reconfirmed:  5/11/2000
Reconfirmed:  5/12/2005
Reconfirmed:  6/11/2009
Reconfirmed: 11/14/2013

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