Study Room Policy

The study rooms at the library were designed for individual or two person study. The following policy is designed to insure that the highest possible number of people have access to these rooms.

  • Study rooms are to be used by no more than two (2) people. Permission can be granted by the reference librarian on duty for three (3) to use the room for legitimate study purposes.
  • Rules posted in the study rooms are to be observed at all times.
  • The library retains the right to ask users of study rooms to vacate the rooms after 1½ hours of use to allow others to use the rooms.
  • No reservations for individuals will be taken for study room use.
  • One study room per night can be reserved for official library or educational organizations. This must be done by letter of request to the Oconomowoc Public Library. These reservations will be granted for one semester at a time.

Adopted: 5/31/1979
Reconfirmed: 3/8/1995
Reconfirmed: 5/11/2000
Revised: 5/12/2005
Revised: 6/11/2009
Revised: 11/14/2013

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