Art Show & Share People’s Choice

Thank you to the artists that submitted their creations for our Art Show & Share! Please vote for your favorite below!

Artist: Isabella, age 10
Title: Welcome to the Fantasy World of Reading
Description: 2 schoolgirls find themselves in a magical world where fairy-tale characters celebrate books and welcome them into their reading-filled paradise.

Artist: Michael, age 12
Title: Through the Keyhole
Description: This piece is about imagination and noticing the tiny details. I drew a close-up section of a door and the keyhole in it. Through that keyhole, you can see not another room, but a whole tiny world, with floating islands in the air covered in tiny homes, occupied, you assume, by tiny people.

Artist: Jamison, age 12
Title: A Comfortable Prison
Description: What comes to mind when I think “my story”

Artist: Natalie, age 4
Title: Fairies and Books
Description: 1 colorful fairy likes to read with her fairy friends.

Artist: Rowan, age 15
Title: Fantasy Swords
Description: Rowan is shown with a pair of fantasy swords they created out of foam board layers, paint and a silken cord for accent. They are modeled after two different character swords from Japanese anime and manga, titled “Seraph of the End.”

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