Friday Lunch and Learn – Jim Gibbons: Alexander Hamilton

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No time to attend an evening program? Try our Lunch & Learn series this summer! We’ll have a speaker or performance every Friday in June and July. Bring your brown bag lunch and we’ll provide the dessert! Programs will last approximately 1 hour but may vary by speaker. Feel free to come for part or all of the presentation!

The Life of Alexander Hamilton: A Historical Presentation by Jim Gibbons

Historian, Jim Gibbons, will take you on the rollercoaster life of one of America’s most talked about founding fathers. From his skyrocketing in popularity and fame to his sudden downfall due to scandal and ultimately, his tragic death, you will not want to miss Gibbons’ riveting presentation of Hamilton’s legacy.

After being out of the limelight for over 200 years, Alexander Hamilton has recently taken center stage again, starring in an increasingly popular Broadway musical. But who was the man alive during President George Washington’s era who has gained a barrage of media and public attention? As one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Hamilton is recognized today as an outstanding statesman. With an influential stance in founding the U.S. financial system and ratifying the Constitution, he also founded the United States Coast Guard, The New York Post Newspaper, and the Federalist Party. Hamilton, who was born in 1757 and came to America at age 15, fought in the American Revolution alongside President George Washington. Appointed by Washington, he was the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and became deeply involved in economic policies. It was believed by many that he could have become a future President of the United States. And then suddenly scandal hit.


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