February 15, 2017 Friends Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present: Sarah Hughes, Betsy Bleck, Lynn Miracola, Pat Ludwig, Lydia S., Nancy White, Jacque English

Co-president Sarah Hughes called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. 

The meeting began with a review of members present. 

Minutes from 11/16/16 were unanimously approved. Betsy clarified that minutes would be posted to the public postings board, website, and linked to Facebook after approval.

Treasurer’s Report:

$8000.34 total between accounts. There is a check outstanding from October that hasn’t been cashed. The check was mailed but has not been cashed. There was some confusion as to whether the Friends or the City planned to pay Woman’s Touch Decorating. Lynn and Betsy will clarify and take next steps as needed.

As the current defibrillator is 16 years old, library Buildings and Maintenance requested funds for a new defibrillator. Friends has earmarked $800 for the purchase of this item. There was some discussion about expectations for placement and accessibility of this equipment.


Betsy 177 members plus several more (per Lynn). Updated report unavailable at the time of the meeting.

Book Sale:

The next book sale will take place April 28-30. Sue Boyer will be coordinating the sale again. Betsy noted that we have lots of excellent inventory for this sale. Lynn volunteered to make a sign to indicate that checks should be made out to Friends of the OPL. Better World Books is one vendor the library might contact about liquidating remaining unsold books after the sale. There are no shipping fees associated with this program but they do require books to be packed according to stipulations. Friends volunteers will be needed to help facilitate this.

There were no remaining committee reports although committees remain active.

There were also no remarks from the co-presidents.

Director’s Report:

Betsy shared that the library (in a tie with the Waukesha Public Library) has been named the Best Loved Library in Lake Country by Hulafrog!

 The library has three new staff members: Chris, Heather (circulation), and Vanessa (reference and programming).

Winter, Kloman, Moter & Repp LLC and First Bank Financial Centre funded the creation of videos and podcasts off staff interviews as part of the Celebrate Libraries project. These files can be found online at: http://www.celebratelibraries.com/oconomowoc-library–wi.html 

The mobile library project, managed by Jennie Fiddler, continues to be a successful outreach program. 

Circulation for 2016 has increased 3% from 2015. The library continues to explore opportunities to serve the community “at the level of WOW” throughout 2017. 

There was some discussion about the possibility of a window cling to promote the library and/or Friends organization. The Friends do not have a specific logo but the library does have one. There was some discussion around whether a cling would be a fundraising item or tied to the Summer Reading Program or another outlet.

Old Business:

There was no old business to discuss.

New Business:

Evening Music and Wine Event

This is an opportunity for the Friends to co-sponsor an event with the Library. A nationally performing guitarist recently contacted Hope Kramer (adult services), wanting to do a gig. Betsy indicated that the cost to book this individual was significant. She noted that while one-on-one appointments or small programs tend to be successful at engaging the adult community, larger programs are not typically as well attended. There was some discussion about an event tie-in with the upcoming spring gallery night event. This would also be a good opportunity to showcase the new mural. There is some leftover wine from the antique book sale event and Sue Boyer does have a commercial bartender’s license. The Friends would need to be involved with the event to apply for an event liquor license as a nonprofit organization. Nancy suggested investigating possible local entertainers who might be interested in donating their services or performing at a reduced rate. Local entertainers typically also draw a local audience. The general consensus was to proceed with partnering on an event but not to pursue working with the guitarist at this time.

 Lucky Day Collection

The Friends were asked to consider supporting the Library’s Lucky Day Collection at a cost of $1500. Funds will support a collection of high demand books to be available to patrons stopping by the library. These books will not be available to renew or place on hold. There will be a one week loan term. Patrons checking out a Lucky Day book would automatically be removed from any hold list for that book. Rules for the collection will be in place as part of a consortium. It was suggested that as books rotate out of the Lucky Day collection, they be moved to a book sale cart with proceeds used to support the purchase of new high demand books. The suggested price for these books would be $5. There was also some discussion of a “donate what you can” option with the indicated price as a suggested donation level as a “Make my Lucky Day” option. Lynn moved to approve both the $1500 donation and using ongoing sales of retired Lucky Day books to fund additional Lucky Day book purchases. Lynn seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved. The library plans to begin teasing the program around St. Patrick’s Day with the collection being unveiled in April during National Library Week.

Book Cart Sales

We continue to sell mass market paperbacks for $0.25 each, relying on an honor system to pay. More than 40 books have been sold over the last few months. The board agreed to have proceeds from all book cart sales redirected to support the Lucky Day collection. Lynn will keep track of the number of books and money earned from these sales.

Our next meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on May 17th.

Lydia moved to adjourn the meeting and Nancy seconded the motion. The meeting was unanimously adjourned at 7:57 p.m. 

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