January 14, 2016 Facilities Committee Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by M. Krahn at 5:30 pm. It was ascertained that the meeting had been properly posted.


H. Schick, M. Frye, D. Murray, M. Krahn, J. Duff (arrived late)

P. Gephart, K. Herro

B. Bleck, L. Radder


M. Frye moved to approve the minutes October 22, 2015 meeting, H. Schick seconded.


B. Bleck requested a change in the order of the agenda, without objection, to –

A. Update on changes to the library
B. Summary of research on current library trends in library facilities
C. Discuss Long-Term Financial Plan
D. Update on Community Needs Assessment

Update on changes to the library

The furnishings the library was able to purchase with savings in the 2015 budget have been very well-received by our patrons. Many of the pieces have been installed, but there are still several pieces that need to be assembled and installed.

B. Bleck presented a plan for adding a handicap accessible unisex bathroom to the library. Funds for the project could come from a carryover request of capital funds. The goal would be to have the construction complete before the start of summer reading.

An open house will be scheduled for late spring to showcase the updates.

Summary of research on current trends in library facilities

B. Bleck shared information she gathered on library trends. She will email the committee a copy of an article from the DaVinci institute. B. Bleck will provide more information to the committee on the EDGE Assessment, a tool that provides libraries with an overview of current public services and community engagement.

Trends include –
• Flexibility of space
• Mobility of furnishings
• Collaborative learning space
• Community focus
• Technology

Discuss Long-Term Financial Plan

The 2015 Long-Term Financial Plan was distributed to the committee. The 2021 requests are due in February. B. Bleck and D. Murray will discuss capital expenses to add for 2021.

Update on Community Needs Assessment

The Rec Department is planning a Community Needs Assessment in 2016. The library will have a section on the assessment. B. Bleck will keep the committee up-to-date as more details become available.


• EDGE Assessment
• 2017-2021 Long Term Financial Plan
• Library tour
• DaVinci article
• North entry possibilities

There being no further business to properly come before this committee, motion to adjourn was made by H. Schick and seconded by M. Frye. Meeting adjourned at 6:37 pm.

L. Radder, Recording Secretary

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