July 14, 2016 Regular Board Meeting Minutes


M. Krahn called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. It was ascertained that the meeting had been properly posted.


L. Baudoin, M. Krahn, K. Nelson, M. Mulder, M. Miller, D. Knutson (arrived at 7:27 pm)

H. Schick, P. Gephart

B. Bleck, L. Radder


It was moved by M. Miller and seconded by L. Baudoin to approve the minutes of the June 9, 2016 regular board meeting with the removal of L. Baudoin as present.


J. Fidler introduced herself as the new Special Services Coordinator.  She will split her time between children’s programs, volunteer coordination, and outreach programs at the library.


The agenda distributed in the board packet was incorrect.  B. Bleck distributed a corrected agenda that removed the closed session portion of the meeting.

Statistical reports were distributed and reviewed.  M. Mulder commented that children’s program statistics have been down in 2016 over 2015.  B. Bleck stated some of the programs have been adjusted to focus on smaller groups in a hands on setting.

June financial reports were reviewed.  The board received a gift fund balance sheet.  B. Bleck describe the gift fund and M. Krahn requested documentation on the parameters of gift fund use versus Friends funding and general donations.  All fundraisers held by the board are deposited into the gift fund.  Overall, year-to-date, the library is operating under budget.


The Board approved the p-card and check vouchers for June 2016 totaling $14,108.27.  Upon the request of a board member, B. Bleck asked city administration if there are any conflicts of interest with L. Baudoin and M. Mulder signing vouchers when some of the purchases may be from their businesses.  It was suggested that L. Baudoin and M. Mulder refrain from signing vouchers if there are expenses from Books & Company or Demco on the Schedule of Vouchers.


The July newsletter and library related newspaper articles were included in the board packet.


FACILITIES COMMITTEE – next meeting December 8, 2016 at 6:00 pm

PLANNING COMMITTEE – next meeting September 8, 2016 at 6:00 pm.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE – will meet again when the need arises to raise funds.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – will meet again in April 2017.  Members are needed for this committee

ART COMMITTEE – will meet prior to Fall Gallery night.

FINANCE COMMITTEE – next meeting June 2017.

OPERATIONS COMMITTEE – next meeting date TBD August 2016.

Committee meeting minutes were included in the regular board meeting minutes.  Per the city clerk if minutes from committee meetings were included in approved regular meeting minutes there is no need to approve them in a separate committee meeting.  This is helpful since most committees do not meet on a monthly basis and may not have the same members on them when the previous meeting minutes are reviewed.


M. Krahn asked board members to reference the annual library board calendar and contact list on a regular basis.  She asked board members to consider serving on committees listed with only a few current members.

A flyer for the Wisconsin Trustee Training Week was distributed in board packets.  M. Krahn encouraged board members to participate as they can.  M. Mulder suggested registering for the session on August 23, Engaged Planning: Ask What You Can Do for Your Community, present by the director of the Columbus Public Library.


L. Baudoin mentioned the annual Bridges trustee dinner coming up this fall and encouraged all board members to attend.

It was also mentioned that the library is a PokeStop.  The librarians are creating a lobby Pokémon display.  M. Mulder suggested checking into the ISTE website for Pokémon learning activities and program ideas.



Jennie Fidler has already made herself at home here at the library. Jennie will attend the July meeting to introduce herself.

The library is seeking applications for two new page/shelvers, as Hannah Healy and Quynn Jacobs will be leaving in the fall. Applications are due July 14.


The Common Council approved the Long-Term Financial Plan on June 14.


The library applied for an Oconomowoc Area Foundation grant to assist in building a World Languages collection. It will be several months before we learn if the application was successful.


The parking campus construction is now in full swing. There are weekly construction meetings scheduled to help all parties stay informed on progress or potential problems, which I will attend. The library was proactive in keeping our patrons informed, via an informational display in the lobby, information on the library website, and parking maps for folks to take. Patrons seem to be taking the construction in stride.

The visibility of the library has greatly increased with the removal of several trees surrounding the library for the parking lot project.  This offers an opportunity to better evaluate sign placement with the library signage project plans.  Permits will be obtained for signage on all four sides of the building.


Board members would like to continue to receive their packets in paper format only.

Library staff from around Bridges Library System will staff a booth at both the Waukesha County Fair and the Jefferson County Fair. OPL staff have signed up for several shifts, and if it’s anything like last year, it will be a great chance to talk with people about what’s new at the library.


B. Bleck will attend an all-day workshop on building issues on July 14. The workshop is offered through the Bridges Library System.  It will be a great chance to talk with people about what’s new at the library.


It’s time for the quarterly progress update on goals in the 2016 Business Plan:

Objective: Identify opportunities to improve library’s social media efforts using the social media survey results, and create a social media policy.

Progress: The social media survey revealed that Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform among those surveyed. It was so much more popular than the others that staff decided to stick with Facebook for now, along with our small YouTube and Pinterest presence. With that in mind, Lissa Radder (who does most of the library’s social media marketing) attended two trainings on social media marketing; one offered by the Chamber of Commerce and one through the Bridges Library System.

Objective: Enhance summer reading promotion with schools and senior living facilities.

Progress: Caitlin Schaffer formed an advisory committee with staff from local schools (including Melissa Krahn, thank you Melissa!), who provided helpful ideas on increasing registration. Jennie Fidler and B. Bleck are coordinating how to roll out communications with the senior living facilities, and with Jennie’s start date of May 31, doing this before summer reading was not feasible.

Objective: Improve outreach to seniors by hiring Special Services Coordinator and creating an outreach policy.

Progress: Jennie Fidler was hired as the Special Services Coordinator in May. The board’s Operations Committee will re-form and meet regarding the outreach policy. Jennie and I have been researching and working out what our outreach services should look like, and what the policy will need to cover.

Objective: Successful implementation of partial staffing restructure, including hiring Special Services Coordinator and cataloging backlog staying under 200.

Progress: Special Services Coordinator has been hired, and Head of Reference and Adult Services has been responsible for all cataloging since March 2016. Since February, our monthly ‘backlog’ is 119. Day-to-day, that total is much lower. The 119 figure is higher due to orders sometimes being received right before we run the monthly reports. Overall, the number of items awaiting cataloging is down 61% from 2015.

Objective: Work with library staff, facilities committee, and maintenance staff to update various sections of the library, improving patron access to technology by end of June.

Progress: Patron access to technology has definitely improved. There are now eight public Internet computers instead of five. Envisionware (computer time and print management) has made it much faster and easier to sign in to the Internet and to print. Wi-Fi access is also much easier now that no password is required. Additionally, the library’s ten programming laptops have been in regular use for tech training and Minecraft programs, among other things.


The summer reading program is going very well. As I write this, we have 1,517 kids and teens signed up for the reading program, and 89 adults.


An Annual Library Board Calendar was distributed in the board packet.  B. Bleck asked board members to review the calendar and contact list and suggest any changes.


Re-classification of Head of Reference and Adult Services position

Hope Kramer, Head of Reference and Adult Services, has been responsible for all cataloging at our library for just over four months. The transition has gone well, as demonstrated in part by the low number of items waiting to be cataloged (in your statistical reports each month).

A re-classification means bringing a staff member’s compensation in line with their actual responsibilities.  The library was able to reallocate funds from other budget lines to accommodate the cost of re-classifying this position. The re-class will be effective January 1, 2017.  Her job title will change to Head of Reference, Adult Services, and Cataloging effective immediately.

M. Mulder moved to approve the Head of Reference and Adult Services position re-class, M. Miller seconded, motion carried.

Approve updated budget

B. Bleck received the re-classification notification after the board approved the 2017 budget at the May meeting.  She worked with staff to reallocate $4,000 dollars to accommodate the re-classification. A summary of those changes were included in the board packet.

D. Knutson moved to approve the reallocation of $4,000 in the 2017 budget, L. Baudoin seconded, motion carried.

Schedule Operations Committee meeting

The Operations Committee needs new members and will need to meet soon to work on updating several policies. Please consider if you would be able to serve on this committee.

M. Mulder and L. Baudoin agreed to serve on the committee.  The next meeting was scheduled for 6:00 pm on Thursday, August 11, 2016.  Agenda items will include the outreach policy and social media policy.


Short Takes for Trustees: Library Advocacy and Library Policies were viewed.

There being no further business to properly come before this Board, motion to adjourn was made by D. Knutson, seconded by L. Baudoin and carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:13 pm.

L. Radder, Recording Secretary

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