July 9, 2018
Finance Committee
Members - M. Mulder, M. Krahn, D. Knutson
Last Meeting - July 9, 2018
Next Meeting - June 2019
Reported at the July 12, 2018 Regular Board meeting.
M. Mulder called the meeting to order at 5:08 pm. 
Members present - M. Krahn, D. Knutson, M. Mulder
The 2019 budget draft was reviewed.
B. Bleck highlighted the following -
  • we were not given a budget bucket this year, due to LTFP being delayed and strategic planning process
  • part-time wages with benefits (113) and without benefits (125) were adjusted because more of our part-time staff are without benefits now
  • $850 was added to PT no benefits line (125) for a seasonal summer, temporary, minimum wage position for a teen.
  • Funds were shifted from PT w/ benefits (113) to the Sunday hours line (126) for the library board to consider making summer Saturday and Sunday hours change at the same time. 
  • Several expenses were moved from 210 (library services non-IT) to 325 (electronic media): Flipster, Overdrive Advantage, databases, Gale and some to 324 (licenses and permits): movie licenses, Envisionware
  • $800 was added to line 210 to have our building automation system checked and updated annually
  • funding for wi-fi hotspot data and the additional Internet network was added to the internet budget line (226)
  • line 241 (maintenance contracts non-IT) was adjusted about $1000 lower based on 2018 end of year projection
  • due to our e-newsletter’s success, we had to upgrade to the paid version of MailChimp for $360 and added that expense to the software license line (324)
  • training and travel (330) was increased by $1,000 due to more intrasystem collaborations, staff leadership opportunities, and the expansion of mobile library
  • funding for DVD shelving was included in line 340, per business plan
  • line 340 also includes funding for small furnishings and equipment.
  • line 340 is often overbudget, so it is good to have more budget here than in past years ($7,700 more than 2018 budget)
  • revenue side: increased donations to $10,000, $1,500 of which is the Bridges grant

M. Krahn moved to approve the 2019 draft budget for presentation to the full board. D. Knutson seconded and motion carried.

There being no further business to properly come before this committee, motion to adjourn was made by M. Krahn and seconded by D. Knutson. Meeting adjourned at 6:07 pm.

B. Bleck reported budget changes since Finance Committee Meeting:

  • assorted library system costs came in lower (database charges, movie license charges, etc.)
    • this savings was added to line 340 for operating supplies and expenses
  • fire alarm inspection was listed in two budget lines and over budgeted so $600 was removed from the library maintenance contracts/non-IT (240) 
    • $500 remains in the services budget line (210)
    • The $600 from the library maintenance contracts/non-IT (240) was moved to operating supplies (340)


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