June 8, 2017 Regular Board Meeting
M. Krahn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Agenda was properly posted.
K. Nelson, O. Foat, D. Knutson, M. Mulder, H. Schick, M. Krahn, L. Baudoin, M. Rosek, S. Grothaus
B. Bleck, L. Radder
H. Schick moved to approve the minutes of the May 11, 2017 board meeting, L. Baudoin seconded. Motion carried.
Sarah Kitsembel, City Administrator, introduced herself.

May financial reports were reviewed.

May statistics were reviewed.

Stats Up YTD

 Collection - Juvenile materials
 Circulation - City, Dodge county, Jefferson, and other
counties; adult circulation; OverDrive; ILL
 Patrons - New adults
 Services - Library visits; reference questions; exams;
room reservations; internet uses
 Programs - Adult programs and attendance; teen
programs and attendance
 Web Stats - New newsletter subscribers (almost 1,500
total); Facebook reach and engagement

Stats Down YTD

 Collection - Adult materials
 Circulation - Waukesha county; juvenile circulation;
renewals and holds
 Patrons - New juvenile and city registrations
 Services - Wi-Fi logins
 Programs - Juvenile programs and attendance
May P-card vouchers totaling $21,434.8 were approved.


June newsletter and library related newspaper articles were included in the board packet.
COMMITTEE REPORTS (only bold committees will present)
Facilities Committee Members - Members - M. Krahn, D. Murray, H. Schick, M. Frye, O. Foat
Last Meeting - May 11, 2017 Next Meeting - Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Reported at the May 2017 regular board meeting.
Planning Committee Members – H. Schick, D. Knutson, L. Baudoin, M. Mulder
Last Meeting - March 9, 2017 Next Meeting - Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Reported at the March 2017 regular board meeting.
Nominating Committee Members – D. Knutson, M. Krahn, O. Foat
Last Meeting - May 4, 2017 Next Meeting - Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 6:00 PM
Reported at the May 2017 regular board meeting.
Finance Committee Members – M. Mulder, M. Krahn, D. Knutson
Last Meeting - June 8, 2017 Next Meeting - June 2018
Reported by M. Mulder at the June 2017 regular board meeting.

MEMBERS PRESENT - M. Mulder, M. Krahn, M. Rosek, D. Knutson
STAFF PRESENT - B. Bleck, L. Radder


The committee reviewed the 2018 draft budget to be submitted to the city. B. Bleck gave an
overview of the budget.

Estimated revenue in the County Aid budget line is down approximately $10,000 from last year
due to a Waukesha countywide reduction in the proportion of TNR usage. The estimated
revenue in the Intersystem Library Aid budget line increased approximately $11,000 for 2018
over 2017.

Estimated expenses were reviewed. Additional funds were added to the budget line for
Outside Professional Services for a community needs assessment for the library users that live
outside the city limits. This study will supplement data that will be collected in the 2017 city
resident community needs assessment that is planned.

Operations Committee Members – L. Baudoin, M. Krahn, M. Mulder
Last Meeting - December 12, 2016 Next Meeting - Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 6:30 PM
Reported at the December 2017 regular board meeting.
Fundraising Committee Members – L. Baudoin, D. Knutson, H. Schick
Last Meeting - October 27, 2016 Next Meeting - as needed
Reported at the November 2016 regular board meeting.
Art Committee Members – K. Nelson, H. Schick, H. Kramer
Last Meeting - October 10, 2016 Next Meeting - as needed
Reported at the October 2016 regular board meeting.
M. Krahn welcomed Sarah Kitsembel. She also welcomed new board member Matt Rosek. She thanked Connie Meyer for
presenting to the board on county funding.
H. Schick reminded board members to continue to provide volunteer hours. H. Schick invited board members for a boat
ride following the August meeting.

Please save the date of September 27, 2017 for the annual Bridges Library System Trustee Dinner at Country Springs
Hotel in Pewaukee. A formal invitation will follow.

Unfortunately, the grant for which Bridges applied to fund disability scans at member libraries will not be funded.
This was something of a surprise to Bridges and to member libraries, because Bridges had received an email that
made it sound likely the grant would be funded. The OPL facilities committee had planned to use the data gathered
from the disability scan for its work, and the scan would have produced important information for the board and for
staff as we consider future space needs. It is possible funds for this type of scan could be found elsewhere, either at
the system level or locally.

The Friends board had their latest quarterly meeting on Wednesday, May 17. The Friends board was in favor of
Friends members helping at the library’s Farmer’s Market booth. The Friends will be doing a “pop-up book sale” on
the weeks they are at the market. The Friends board’s next meeting will be Wednesday August 23 at 7 pm. The
Friends Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 23 at 7 pm. Just a reminder that as a library trustee,
you are a dues-free member of the Friends. 
The library’s summer Saturday hours will begin June 10. As per usual, the library will be open from 9 am to 1 pm on
Saturdays through Labor Day. 
The library’s Farmer’s Market schedule is coming together nicely! The following are dates when it would be great if a
board member or two could stop by and help ‘man the booth’ for an hour or two between the hours of 8 am and
noon.. Activities would include greeting passers-by, talking about library programs and services, and possibly assisting
with a craft if someone needs a hand.

10-Jun 1-Jul 19-Aug 23-Sep 21-Oct
  22-Jul 26-Aug 30-Sep 28-Oct
The results and analysis of the Community Needs Assessment will be presented at a Common Council meeting, and
the tentative date for that is November 21. 

The library’s summer program plans are generating great ‘buzz.’ In particular, the adult “Lunch and Learn” series, the
children’s Minecraft program, and the Teen After Hours events seem to be standing out, from what I’ve gathered
from patrons, staff, and the library’s Facebook account. Also, just an update that our youth services department has
their usual large group of teen volunteers in place – about 60 teens. Caitlin Schaffer held the teen volunteer
orientation sessions, and the kids are ready to register readers, give out prizes, and generally keep the summer
reading room running. Our goal for summer reading registrants this year is to surpass that 2,000-person mark we’ve
been so close to over the years.

Those who receive a City Utility bill might have noticed a small promotion for the summer reading program at the
bottom of your bill in May. It said, “’Build a Better World’ during the Oconomowoc Public Library's Summer Reading
Program! Fun, FREE events for all ages from babies to adult, all summer long! The fun begins June 5 -- get all the
details at the library or at oconomowoclibrary.org.”
no old business

Election of Board President serving 6/2017 to 6/2018

  • The nominating committee nominated M. Krahn for Board President Serving 6/2017 to 6/2018.
  • M. Krahn opened the floor to additional nominations. No additional nominations were made.
  • M. Krahn was re-elected president.

Election of Board Vice-President serving 6/2017 to 6/2018

  • The nominating committee nominated D. Knutson for Board Vice-President Serving 6/2017 to 6/2018.
  • M. Krahn opened the floor to additional nominations. No additional nominations were made.
  • D. Knutson was re-elected vice-president

Election of Board Secretary serving 6/2017 to 6/2018

  • The nominating committee nominated O. Foat for Board Secretary Serving 6/2017 to 6/2018.
  • M. Krahn opened the floor to additional nominations. No additional nominations were made.
  • O. Foat was elected secretary.

Review County Library Plan and Approve New County Library Standards

Connie Meyer, Director of the Bridges Library System, presented the New County Library Standards to the board.

The process for adoption of a new county library plan is:

  • The county library planning committee convenes when the plan needs updating.
  • The committee approves the plan and sends it to the county to approve. Local library boards can review and endorse the plan, but their vote is not a required part of the plan approval process.
  • Local library boards are required to vote on standards (which are part of the county library plan) before they
    can be adopted.

Please note that this is item is a vote on the standards themselves, not the library’s compliance with the standards.
Meeting the County Library Standards qualifies the library for exemption from the Waukesha County library tax.

S. Grothaus moved to approve the New County Library Standards, L. Baudoin seconded. Motion carried.

Presentation by Connie Meyer on the County Funding Formula

Consider/Act on re-classification of one "Page" position to "Circulation Processing Aide”

The library has one staff member who is responsible for receiving, processing, and routing
intrasystem interlibrary loan materials. This position has the title and pay of ‘Page,’ despite the
fact that this person’s duties are completely different from those of the other pages. Job
descriptions for the page position and for this proposed new position were included in the board
packet. The total cost to the library for 2018 for this reclassification/position creation would be
$959: $891 in wages and $68 in FICA (please see table below). There are no health or retirement
benefits associated with this position. This new position is included in the proposed 2018 budget.
The hours and duties for this position would not change. The reclassification would take effect
January 1, 2018. Per city process, B. Bleck submitted a reclassification recommendation request to
Carlson Dettman, and the request was successful.

M. Mulder moved to approve the re-classification, M. Rosek seconded. H. Schick abstained. Motion

Consider/Act on approving 2018 budget request

The budget proposal included in your packet will be discussed by the board’s finance committee just
prior to the June library board meeting. The proposed budgets for each line are based on 6-year
averages, or when applicable, on relatively small changes we are able to forecast in the coming

M. Mulder moved to accept the 2018 budget request as presented, D. Knutson seconded. Motion

Consider joint meeting with Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Board on July 13, 2017

The library’s collaboration with the Parks, Rec, and Forestry Department on a Community Needs
Assessment is coming along nicely. The Request for Proposals (RFP) was published on May 30, and
proposals are due June 28. The selection committee would like to get the approval of both the
Library Board and the Parks & Rec Board before recommending a vendor to the Common Council.

The board decided a joint board meeting was not necessary. M. Mulder moved that B. Bleck and J.
Kelliher meet and select the vendor for the Community Needs Assessment and then present the chosen
vendor to the board at the July 2017 regular board meeting, H. Schick seconded. Motion carried.

M. Mulder moved to convene into closed session at 8:56 pm per Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) “Considering employment,
promotion, compensation, or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body
has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility (Library Director). H. Schick seconded and motion carried with a roll call vote.
M. Mulder moved to reconvene into open session at 9:53 pm, M. Rosek seconded. Motion carried.
There being no further business to properly come before this board, motion to adjourn was made by M. Mulder and seconded
by K. Nelson. Meeting adjourned at 9:53 pm.

Lissa Radder, Recording Secretary