June 9, 2016 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes


M. Krahn called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. It was ascertained that the meeting had been properly posted.


M. Krahn, M. Mulder, M. Miller, D. Knutson (arrived at 6:20 pm)

B. Bleck, L. Radder, H. Kramer


M. Krahn nominated M. Mulder for committee chair, M. Miller seconded.


The 2017 budget documents were provided to the committee.  B. Bleck reviewed changes to the budget from 2016.  A summary of changes, increases or decreases, to various budget lines was provided to the committee.

Heating costs were decreased by approximately $10,000 based on 5 year averages being much lower than the amount budgeted in past years.  These funds were reallocated to library materials and operating supplies.

Repair and maintenance of equipment was reduced since there were repair expenses budgeted for 2016 that have been taken care of so the extra funds are no longer needed in those budget lines.

Outside and professional services/non-IT was increased for cleaning and sealing the tile flooring in the front of the library, per input from building maintenance staff.

The programming budget was increased to enable the new Special Services Coordinator to expand program offerings to the public.

The print materials budget was increased to accommodate what we anticipate will be increased demand for large print materials once our Special Services Coordinator begins her outreach visits to senior living facilities.

The audio visual materials budget was increased to meet demand for audiobooks and DVDs. The addition of more DVDs to the collection began at the beginning of 2016 and has led to a 7% increase in circulation over last year in the first four months of the year.  We would like to continue to build our DVD collection and provide popular movies to our patrons.

The training and travel budget was increased since the Special Services Coordinator will be traveling a great deal locally for outreach visits.

Operating supplies and expenses will be split into two accounts – one for operating supplies and expenses and one for computers and technology.

The computers and technology line will be used to purchase new computers and technology equipment to better serve our patrons.

Funds for operating supplies and expenses were increased to be used to replace CD shelving and some of the dated and impractical furnishings in public areas original to the building from 30 years ago.  With the increased use of laptops and portable devices, the need for flexible workspace in the library has increased.  The facilities committee of the library board has requested an evaluation of flexible space within the library that can be used by patrons in a variety of ways.  We will also purchase computers and related accessories for public and staff use.

The repair and maintenance of buildings budget was increased for updates to the study rooms. The counters and bulletin boards are original from when the library opened in the 1980s.

M. Krahn moved to recommend the 2017 budget as presented to the full library board, M. Miller seconded and motion carried.

There being no further business to properly come before this committee, motion to adjourn was made by M. Krahn, seconded by M. Miller and carried. Meeting adjourned at 6:24 pm.

L. Radder, Recording Secretary

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