How does a library make a community strong? Let me count the ways! People depend on the library for free, unbiased, reliable information from print, audiovisual, and online resources. Folks keep their minds, imaginations, and hearts engaged by enjoying library materials of all kinds. People learn new things and meet others at library events. With so many of our daily tasks moving online, people depend on the library’s public computers to pay bills, register for classes, take exams, write resumes, apply for jobs, and connect with loved ones. The library’s meeting rooms host meetings, trainings, and events for local organizations and businesses. The library has a wealth of local history materials, as well as research tools for just about any topic one could name, from investments to genealogy, from business research to consumer information. The library is a place where everyone can visit without having to spend money, purchase a membership, or belong to a special group. Everyone is welcome here! Please stop by to find out other ways our library is strengthening our community! Thank you for being part of the library!

Yours in Reading,

Betsy Bleck
Library Director