In February, the Oconomowoc Public Library is partnering with other libraries in Waukesha and Jefferson counties to show our communities how libraries transform lives. Libraries Transform highlights the transformative nature of today’s libraries and illustrates the critical role libraries play in the digital age. Today’s libraries are no longer about what libraries HAVE for people, but for what libraries DO for people. Libraries of all kinds add value to our communities by supporting education, employment, entrepreneurship, empowerment and engagement. We offer the physical tools, space, and opportunities necessary for anyone to learn, succeed, and grow. Libraries transform lives. Stop by any Waukesha or Jefferson County library and find out how we can transform yours.

How has the library changed your life? Share a few sentences about what your library means to you. Click the Share Your Story button to get started.

Through a series of special programs in February, the libraries in Waukesha and Jefferson Counties will show how libraries transform communities. You can view the full Calendar of Events hereYou will be entered in a prize drawing if you attend programs at 3 or more libraries in Jefferson or Waukesha counties.

Starting in January, you can pick up a copy of our brochure at any Bridges library or local business. You can also print a copy by clicking on the Get the Brochure button above. Take the brochure with you when you attend programs. Library staff will initial the Passport and you will be entered in the drawing.

[spacer height="15px"]Join us for our featured program: 
[spacer height="7px"]Not Just for the Birds
[spacer height="7px"]Saturday, February 24, 2018
[spacer height="7px"]10:00am - 11:00am
[spacer height="7px"]All ages welcome!

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Meet Dakota, the great horned owl, and other birds from the Wildlife in Need Center! Learn about these amazing avian ambassadors and Wisconsin wildlife rehabilitation. This presentation is part of the Bridges Library System February 2018 Libraries Transform campaign.

READ posters featuring local celebrities were created as part of our February 2018 Libraries Transform campaign. Check out all of our community READ posters on at the library!