May 11, 2017 Regular Board Meeting Minutes
M. Krahn called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.
Agenda was properly posted.
K. Nelson, O. Foat, D. Knutson, S. Grothaus, M. Mulder, H. Schick, M. Krahn
L. Baudoin, M. Rosek
 B. Bleck, L. Radder
H. Schick moved to approve the minutes of the March 9, 2017 board meeting, D. Knutson seconded and motion carried.
There were no comments from the audience.
March and April financial reports were reviewed.
March and April statistics were reviewed.
Collection – juvenile materials Collection – adult materials
Circulation – city; Dodge County; adult; OverDrive; ILLs filled, Lucky Day Circ=205 fiction, 40 nonfiction Circulation – Waukesha County; Jefferson County; total circulation; renewals; holds filled
Patrons – new adults; new juvenile; resident patrons Patrons – new juvenile
Services – library visits; reference questions; internet uses Services – room reservations
Programs – adult programs & attendance; juvenile & teen programs & attendance
Web – new subscribers; emails sent; Facebook reach & engagement (Facebook ads)
 vouchers totaling $ were approved.
COMMITTEE REPORTS (only bold committees will present) 
Facilities Committee Members – Members – M. Krahn, D. Murray, H. Schick, M. Frye, O. Foat
Last Meeting – May 11, 2017 Next Meeting – Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM
M. Krahn reported at the May 2017 regular board meeting.
M. Krahn called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm.

MEMBERS PRESENT – M. Krahn, O. Foat, D. Murray, H. Schick
STAFF PRESENT – B. Bleck, L. Radder


Unseen disabilities space

M. Krahn discussed the idea of evaluating the library building and environment to be friendlier to visitors with unseen disabilities. B. Bleck discussed different ways to improve library space for unseen disabilities, including staff training and examining areas of the library that could be used as quiet and comforting spaces. Areas with lower sound and light levels were discussed. Creating a map of accessibility features at the library, including the hearing loop, quiet areas, and low light areas, was suggested.

Acoustic article discussion

The “Designing Libraries & Learning Centres for Good Acoustics” article was distributed to the committee and discussed. B. Bleck noted the article did not only discuss quiet areas of the library but also making sure the acoustics fit the use of the space. Assignment of quiet areas of the library and signage distinguishing those areas were suggested.

Building signage update

All signs have been installed on the building. Lighting has been installed on the east, west, and north sides of the buildings. B. Bleck informed the committee that the lights on the north side of the building do not provide sufficient light to illuminate the entire sign. The issues was brought to the attention of the installer, Lemberg, and they are working with the lighting manufacturer to get 3 additional lights installed to provide adequate coverage.

Community needs update

B. Bleck met with Parks and Rec staff to discuss the community needs assessment. Requests for proposals for a firm to conduct the community needs assessment will be published May 30. The goal is to have the study completed and results available by Thanksgiving 2017. The survey will be distributed to a sampling of City of Oconomowoc citizens.

Boiler & DDC updated estimate

The Request for Proposals has been published. D. Murray will walk through the building with potential contractors.

Bathroom use

The newly added family bathroom is complete and well received by library visitors.


The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

Agenda Items for next meeting:

  • Long-term planning
  • ADA scan update
  • Study rooms
  • Community needs assessment update
  • Update from staff on new desks

There being no further business to properly come before this committee, motion to adjourn was made by H. Schick and seconded by O. Foat. Meeting adjourned at 6:52 pm.

Planning Committee Members – H. Schick, D. Knutson, L. Baudoin, M. Mulder
Last Meeting – March 9, 2017 Next Meeting – Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Reported at the March 2017 regular board meeting.
Nominating Committee Members – D. Knutson, M. Krahn, O. Foat
Last Meeting – May 4, 2017 Next Meeting – Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 6:00 PM
D. Knutson reported at the May 2017 regular board meeting.
M. Krahn called the meeting to order at 6:12 pm.

MEMBERS PRESENT – M. Krahn, D. Knutson, O. Foat
STAFF PRESENT – B. Bleck, L. Radder


Choose committee chair – D. Knutson was elected committee chair.

Suggest nominees for 2017 board officer positions

  • Nomination for Board President serving 6/2017 to 6/2018 – M. Krahn
  • Nomination for Board Vice-President serving 6/2017 to 6/2018 – D. Knutson
  • Nomination for Board Secretary serving 6/2017 to 6/2018 – O. Foat

Nominated candidates will be presented to the board at the May board meeting and the election will occur at the June 2017 Regular Board Meeting.

The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 6:30 pm.

There being no further business to properly come before this committee, motion to adjourn was made by M. Krahn and seconded by D. Knutson. Meeting adjourned at 6:20 pm.

Finance Committee Members – M. Mulder, M. Krahn, D. Knutson
Last Meeting – June 8, 2017 Next Meeting – June 2018
Reported at the June 2017 regular board meeting.
Operations Committee Members – L. Baudoin, M. Krahn, M. Mulder
Last Meeting – December 12, 2016 Next Meeting – Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 6:30 PM
 Reported at the December 2017 regular board meeting.
Fundraising Committee Members – L. Baudoin, D. Knutson, H. Schick
Last Meeting – October 27, 2016 Next Meeting – as needed
Reported at the November 2016 regular board meeting.
Art Committee Members – K. Nelson, H. Schick, H. Kramer
Last Meeting – October 10, 2016 Next Meeting – as needed
Reported at the October 2016 regular board meeting.
M. Krahn reminded the board that B. Bleck’s annual review is due in June and a closed session will be needed to discuss her performance evaluation.

M. Krahn discussed volunteer opportunities for board members at the summer farmer’s market.

H. Schick reminded board members to continue to provide volunteer hours. S. Grothaus distributed a tracking form for volunteer hours. Tracking sheets will be included in monthly board packets.

H. Schick discussed Charity Miles, a fitness-tracking app that can be used to get credit as Pioneer Buddies. The activity tracked will provide more opportunity for charity funds for the Milwaukee Pioneer chapter and potential grant money available for the library.

B. Bleck presented a short set of slides featuring recent updates and improvements to the library.
There has been a lot of activity recently with the Public Library System Redesign Project, some of which raised concern among some members of the Wisconsin library community. The library directors of APL (Alliance of Public Librarians), which includes all the library directors/their designees in Bridges Library System, sent a letter to the PLSR steering committee to share our concerns. The letter is included in the board packet. B. Bleck gave the board an update on PLSR. PLSR has created three brief videos that give helpful background information, linked right at the top of the plsr.info homepage, or at this link: http://www.plsr.info/plsr-videos.

B. Bleck attended the Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries (WAPL) conference and gathered plenty of helpful ideas and lots of inspiration to bring back to Oconomowoc.

The Friends book sale was the last weekend of April, and was very successful. The Friends board prefers not to publicize in print their total sales, but I will share the total with you at the meeting on Thursday.
The online antique book auction was a great success, netting just over $6,700.
B. Bleck sent an email on May 3 2017 informing the board that the library’s Gmail account was hacked as part of a large phishing scheme. The library’s Gmail account is used for booking the meeting room, general contact info for the website, Apple login for the iPads in the kids’ section, and as a login for the statewide libraries’ Google+ communities. The Gmail password was changed and will hopefully minimize the amount of fraudulent emails people receive from the OPL Gmail account.
The library welcomed a new staff member at the checkout desk, Meg Emrath.
The summer reading will have a ‘soft start’ on June 5, with programming kicking off the following week.
The Chamber networking event was a great success. About 30 Chamber members attended, and B. Bleck had the opportunity to speak briefly about library services of special interest for businesses.
 no old business
Approve Allowable Costs worksheet from Bridges Library System

This information is important for Bridges Library System’s calculation of the county reimbursement formula as a part of their annual budget process. This form needed to be approved by the board and returned to Bridges by April 30. Board President M. Krahn and B. Bleck signed and submitted it.

H. Schick moved to approve the Allowable Costs worksheet, S. Grothaus seconded, and the motion carried.

Nominations for Board Officers serving 6/2017 to 6/2018.

  • The nominating committee nominated M. Krahn for Board President Serving 6/2017 to 6/2018.
  • The nominating committee nominated D. Knutson for Board Vice-President Serving 6/2017 to 6/2018.
  • The nominating committee nominated O. Foat for Board Secretary Serving 6/2017 to 6/2018.

Election of Board Officers for 2017-2018 will take place at the June 2017 Regular Board Meeting.


There being no further business to properly come before this board, motion to adjourn was make by H. Schick and seconded by D. Knutson. Meeting adjourned at 8:19 pm.

Lissa Radder, Recording Secretary


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