May 9, 2019
M. Mulder called the meeting to order at 6:11 pm. Agenda was properly posted.
O. Foat, D. Knutson, M. Krahn, K. Nelson, M. Mulder, H. Schick
L. Baudoin, S. Homberg, L. Kowieski
B. Bleck, L. Radder
M. Krahn moved to approve the minutes of the May 9, 2019 Regular Board Meeting. H. Schick seconded and motion carried.
There were no audience or comments.
The April 2019 financial report was reviewed.
The April 2019 statistical report was reviewed.
Collection Collection items cataloged
Circulation City & Waukesha County; other counties; total circulation by all cardholders; items circulated for all audiences Circulation Dodge, Jefferson, & Washington Counties
Services visits & reference questions, room reservations Services internet use
Programs teen programs & attendance Programs AD & kids programs & attendance; total programs & attendance
April vouchers totaling $24,418.62 were approved.
The May newsletter and recent articles were included in the board packet.
COMMITTEE REPORTS (only bold committees will present)
Operations Committee
Members - L. Baudoin, M. Krahn, M. Mulder
Last Meeting - April 10, 2019
Next Meeting - Thursday, May 9, 2019 5:30 pm
Reported at the April 11, 2019 Regular Board Meeting.
Meeting Notes
M. Krahn called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm.
Members Present - M. Krahn, M. Mulder
Revisions to the Information Security Policy were discussed.
M. Mulder moved to approve the draft version of the Information Security Policy for approval by the full board. Meeting adjourned at 5:44 pm. 
H. Schick shared information on the ADRC. 
The Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) part of the budgeting process has begun. B. Bleck will keep the board informed as the budget process proceeds.
Following our Active Assailant training, staff looked for ways we can improve how quickly patrons and staff can exit the building in an emergency. Staff added two exit signs on the east side of the interior of the building, so patrons and staff can more easily see that there is an emergency exit there. The exterior windows in staff offices no longer open, and that was a concern. An economical and practical solution is that we are mounting a window punching tool by exterior windows in staff offices and in the back room (not in public areas), and training staff how to use the tool.
Kudos to Tammi Klink, Cataloging Processing Aide. Tammi recently completed the huge project of updating all the call numbers in the adult fiction section. The call numbers are now uniform, and make it easier for patrons to find items. Great job, Tammi!
[spacer height="10px"]We have ordered the adult DVD shelving for which we budgeted in 2019, and it should be here within a month. We plan to have the DVDs on their new shelves before summer reading starts. We will repurpose the current DVD shelving to solve a shelving shortage in the kids’ and YA audiobook sections.
[spacer height="10px"]We will soon offer a Lucky Day collection of DVDs, to complement our Lucky Day collection of books. The seed money for this collection will come from the Friends. The loan period, grace period, and renewal policy will be the same for the Lucky Day DVDs as it is for the Lucky Day books, and the overdue fines will be the same as the regular DVDs. This collection is in the development phase – when it is ready, we will let patrons know through all our usual avenues of promotion and communication. For all Lucky Day items, we must have one regular circulating copy when we offer that title/format as a “Lucky Day” item.
The City’s newest Alderman, Andy Rogers, came to the library for a tour and introduction to staff, library operations, and projects.
[spacer height="10px"]B. Bleck presented to Common Council for National Library Week on Tuesday, April 16. It was a brief presentation about library services for the Aldermen to share with their constituents. Trustees Matt Mulder, Melissa Krahn, and Matt Rosek were there, as well as Pat Ludwig, one of our most active Friends, and Administrative Coordinator Lissa Radder. Mike Miller, former Alderman and former library board member, had his last Common Council meeting that night. Mike had the chance to say some final words, and in his remarks he mentioned the good work the library is doing. 
[spacer height="10px"]B. Bleck attended Representative Barbara Dittrich’s listening session at the Community Center on April 10. Rep. Dittrich gave B. Bleck the opportunity to speak to the group, so she shared what the library is doing in the areas of lifelong learning, access to technology, and workforce development. 
Polaris, our computer system for the catalog and patron database, will be upgraded the morning of Tuesday, May 14. During the upgrade, staff will check out patrons using “offline mode.” Patrons will not be able to access the catalog during the upgrade.
[spacer height="10px"]The final PLSR listening session with COLAND (Council on Library and Network Development, a statewide board) was held on Tuesday, April 30. It was a Skype meeting, and B. Bleck was able to hear what others had to say and share her thoughts on the final PLSR Steering Committee report. The next step is for COLAND to consider the feedback they heard at the listening sessions, and in July make their recommendation on how to proceed, which will be part of their biennial report to Carolyn Stanford Taylor, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
The next Friends board meeting will be Wednesday, May 8 at 7 pm. The Friends spring book sale went very well. The Friends work very hard on the sale, and do a great job.
In May, the library will be open two more Sundays than we have in the past (May 5 and 19) per the library board’s action earlier this year.
The Memorandum of Understanding for Jefferson County to have a non-voting ex-officio member on the OPL board has been signed by Mayor Nold, Matt Mulder, and Jefferson County Administrator Ben Wehmeier. Jefferson County is now choosing a person to recommend for approval by Mayor Nold and the Common Council.
[spacer height="10px"]Caitlin Schaffer, Jennie Fidler, and B. Bleck are scheduling interviews for our Summer Library Program Assistant. We hope to have the person start in the last week or two of May.
[spacer height="10px"]Our page Cali Jacobs will be leaving for college at the end of May. We have posted for her replacement. Applications are due May 13.
[spacer height="10px"]Caitlin Schaffer co-presented at the Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries Conference in Rothschild on May 3, on the topic of escape rooms and diversity in children’s literature.
[spacer height="10px"]Marilyn Muehlenberg and B. Bleck will attend the Support Staff and Circulation Services Conference in Eau Claire on May 23. B. Bleck will present on one of the topics she learned in her Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) Training: “Giving Bad News.”
“A Universe of Stories” summer reading brochure was included in the packet. 
[spacer height="10px"]B. Bleck shared a hard copy of the signup board members received via email recently. This signup is for volunteer opportunities coming up, including the Farmer’s Market. 
Nominate officers for 2019-2020
The Nominating Committee submits the following candidates for your consideration for the June election:
• President (June 2019-June 2020): Matt Mulder
• Vice President (June 2019-June 2020): Orlin Foat
• Secretary (June 2019-June 2020): Lisa Baudoin
H. Schick moved to accept the nominations. M. Krahn seconded.
[spacer height="10px"]First reading of Information Security Policy
Per the Business Plan, OPL needs an Information Security Policy. The Operations Committee met before the board meeting and approved the draft for a first reading by the full board. B. Bleck reviewed the policy with the Board. Board members suggested edits and asked to have first reading postponed.
D. Knutson moved to postpone the first reading of the Information Security Policy. K. Nelson seconded. 
[spacer height="10px"]Discuss policy regarding what patron identification is necessary for checkout
A trustee requested the library board consider updating our policy regarding what identification a patron must present in order to check out library materials. B. Bleck shared possible options. The Board discussed the options and decided to continue to require a library card for checkout, allowing patrons to use a driver's license instead if necessary.  
There being no further business to properly come before this board, motion to adjourn was made by M. Krahn, H. Schick seconded. 
[spacer height="10px"]Lissa Radder, Administrative Coordinator
200 W. South St., Oconomowoc, WI 53066 • (262) 569-2193 • contactus@oconomowoclibrary.org