November 10, 2016 Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

PLANNING COMMITTEE – met on Thursday, November 10, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:07 pm by H. Schick. It was ascertained that the meeting had been properly posted.

Members present
H. Schick, L. Baudoin, D. Knutson, M. Krahn 

Staff present
B. Bleck, L. Radder

It was moved by M. Krahn to approve the minutes of the March 3, 2016 meeting, D. Knutson seconded. Motion carried.


Review of the 2016 Business Plan and Progress

B. Bleck provided an update on the status or the 2016 Business Plan for third quarter 2016.

Objective: Develop a ‘brand’ for the Oconomowoc Public Library

Progress: The library now has a consistent logo (adapted from the city logo) on our website, newsletter, flyers, signage, letterhead, and stationery.

Objective: Identify opportunities to improve library’s social media efforts

Progress: The results of the social media survey completed at the end of 2015 indicated that the library would not have a much wider reach if marketing on an additional platform. The decision was made to stick with Facebook for now. As such, the need for a ‘social media plan’ was lessened. The plan, unwritten, is that L. Radder does the majority of social media marketing on the general library Facebook page, with other staff able to also post. The Youth Services team takes care of the teen Facebook page. We have purchased several Facebook ads this year. A social media policy was adopted by the library board on October 13.

Objective: Explore cost and design of signage on the exterior of the library building

Progress: Lemberg won the project and is now getting the necessary permits. Once the permitting is done, they are ready to go with production and installation. This project will be complete in 2016.

Objective: Improve outreach services to seniors

Progress: The library received a generous grant from Target to fund startup costs for mobile library services. The goal in the business plan was to have outreach services to senior living facilities underway in September. However, formulating an outreach plan, meeting with leadership at the senior living facilities, and writing and approving an outreach policy took longer than I anticipated. This service will be underway early in the New Year.

Objective: Pursue additional sources of library funding such as grants and fundraising opportunities by revitalizing the Friends group.

Progress: The Friends are in an exciting new chapter. The goal was to add 2-3 very active new members of the Friends by the fall book sale, and B. Bleck reported that goal was surpassed. The Friends now have updated bylaws, numerous committees that chip in with time and talent, there is a new Board of Directors that will meet in mid-November, and the Friends recently held their first annual meeting in approximately 20 years.

The library has applied for and received numerous grants this year, including from the AT&T Pioneers, Target, and the Oconomowoc Area Foundation.

Objective: Consider having a mural painted in the library lobby

Progress: The artist Anne Raskopf has won the project. The library board generously approved funding the mural with the gift fund. The artist and B. Bleck are working on logistics of timing and insurance, and the goal is to have the mural painted in December. However, it is possible this project will be delayed by the construction of the new ADA-accessible bathroom in the lobby.

Objective: Work with library staff, board facilities committee, and maintenance staff to plan updating various sections of the library including costs.

Progress: The goal was to have the reconfiguring of staff areas complete by September. Some of this is done, but the biggest piece of this is the new staff desks. Staff worked with Eaton on numerous drafts of plans for most full-time offices and the back work area, and also worked to get the project as close as possible to the amount budgeted. The desks have been ordered and we are now awaiting delivery and installation late in 2016.

2017 Business Plan Ideas

B. Bleck suggested the committee develop the objectives, actions, and outcomes and staff develops the measurements and timetables.

B. Bleck distributed a list of possible goals for 2017.

Monitor new outreach services, look for opportunities to enhance and expand.

Facilities updates: Replace boiler, update landscaping/grounds, install irrigation system, sidewalk replacement/widening.

Work with city, county, and state to explore ways to better capture use of library from a funding perspective.

Increase the number of city residents with library cards 5% by end of 2017.

Safety checkup/update: Active shooter, tornado, fire – all emergency procedures.

“Service at the Level of ‘Wow!’”

Improve process/procedures for book donations and post-book sale unsold materials.

Make collection signage consistent.

Continue Friends progress.

Update job descriptions/titles for those that have not been updated in the past three years.

Explore planned giving program.

The committee added the following objectives -

Increase the variety and number of adult programs offered.

Collaborate with other community organizations and businesses for programming and marketing efforts.

Add a suggestion outlet for patrons and community members to provide programming ideas and feedback.

H. Schick suggested expanding outreach services beyond senior services to other groups within the community.

It was also suggested to provide diversified programing to a wider range of adult age groups.

Ongoing goals will be carried over to next years’ business plan.

The next meeting was scheduled for December 12, 2016 at 6:00 pm.

There being no further business to properly come before this committee, motion to adjourn was made by D. Knutson, seconded by L. Baudoin. Meeting adjourned at 6:54 pm.