October 10, 2016 Friends of the Oconomowoc Public Library Annual Meeting

In Attendance: Carol Anderson, Betsy Bleck, Sue Boyer, Rick Brown, Jen Chapman, Elaine Daley, Jacque English, Amy Hlad, Sarah Hughes, Bill Lamm, Carol Lamm, Pat Ludwig, Lisa Mayes, Lynn Miracola, Yvonne Moroni, Laney White, Cheryl Woppert 

Betsy convened the meeting by welcoming members and thanking everyone for attending. She noted that this is the first annual meeting since 1994. Handouts included the agenda for the meeting, the previous bylaws and the currently proposed bylaws.

Betsy opened by welcoming those in attendance. As a slate of officers had not yet been elected, Betsy moved to suspend Robert’s Rules of Order for this meeting in order to enable her to act as chair. Sue Boyer seconded the motion. There was no discussion. The motion was unanimously approved.

State of the Friends Report:

Betsy Bleck reported on the state of the Friends. The group was founded in 1979. The last official meeting and bylaws update took place in 1994. A small, dedicated group has been continuing to provide volunteer support services to the library. Betsy acknowledged Sue Boyer who continues to succesfully run the book sale. Sue acknowledges Jenny Curtain’s role in the book sale prior to her involvement. Betsy also acknowledged Rebecca for her years of service and noted her impending retirement.

Betsy shared that there are currently 126 annual paid memberships and 39 life members for a total of 165 members. There was a brief review of the various committees. Attendees were invited to sign up for committees after the meeting if they hadn’t had a chance to at a previous meeting. Committees include Adult Events, Youth Events, Book Sale, Hospitality, Fundraising/Grant Writing, Membership, Publicity/Communications, and Nominating (2018).

Sue Boyer provided an overview of the book sale event. The Friends were reminded that the fall sale will take place this weekend. The next sale will be again in spring. Betsy acknowledged the hard work of the Bylaws committee over the summer.

Yvonne Moroni mentioned, on behalf of the fundraising/grant writing committee, that progress had been made regarding a grant from Target. Betsy acknowledged that a Target grant was, in fact, confirmed over the summer.

Jen Chapman acknowledged that the membership committee manages membership records for the Friends.

Betsy shared that the hospitality committee provides refreshments and maintenance support for the library (watering plants, etc.). The publicity committee handles mailings, social media, and other outreach. Betsy mentioned that the nominating committee undoubtedly won’t have any duties until 2018 as the new bylaws propose two year terms for officers.

Other volunteers were acknowledged for their support of the library.

Treasurer’s Report:

Lynn Miracola provided the treasurer’s report. She recently received reports from Rebecca regarding the Friends financials. At present, the Friends has $900.78 in checking and $8360.54 in savings for a total of $9261.32.

Betsy acknowledged that the organization historically stays above $5,000 in savings. Expenses typically include summer reading program, library art, and special projects as needed, (ex. Funds for large print books). As an example, Friends’ funds provided for the painting of ipad stands in children’s department.

A member inquired whether or not there is an established yearly budget. Betsy acknowledged that there are some recurring expenditures that can be predicted such as that of $2,500 for summer reading every year. There is also a rough goal for income from the book sale. However, no specific yearly budget or fundraising goal currently exists. Lynn stated that Rebecca has provided a list of expenses in the past as well as those of this year to date. It was suggested that as the organization becomes more established, a more concrete budget would be a reasonable possibility.

Election of Officers:

Betsy invited a motion to elect the proposed slate of officers in its entirety. Yvonne Moroni so moved. The motion was seconded by Eileen Daley. The membership unanimously approved the following officers for 2-year terms:

  • Co-Presidents: Sarah Hughes and Lydia Schleicher
  • Vice President: Pat Ludwig
  • Secretary: Jacque English
  • Treasurer: Lynn Miracola

The Friends opted not to take the suggested break and instead to move through the agenda.


Betsy outlined the following major changes and updates to the bylaws:

  • The name of the organization was changed from “The Friends of Oconomowoc Public Library” to “The Friends of The Oconomowoc Public Library.”
  • Members joining in September through December will be grandfathered into membership in the following year.
  • Expenditures less than $100 are dispersible by the treasurer. Major expenses (greater than $100 but not exceeding $2,000) are to be disbursed by the treasurer and director jointly. Expenditures in excess of $2,000 must be approved by the Friends Board of Directors. The Board of Directors was clarified to include officers, the library director, and the immediate past president.
  • Terms of office are to begin immediately following the annual meeting and will last two years instead of one (as previously customary) in order to provide increased continuity.
  • The “personnel committee” was eliminated.
  • Several smaller committees were combined under the publicity and communications committee.
  • The fundraising/grant writing committee was created.

Amy Hlad moved to accept the new bylaws as proposed. Sue Boyer seconded. The new bylaws were unanimously approved as proposed.

Sue Boyer moved to adjourn at 7:21 p.m. The motion was seconded by Sarah Hughes. The meeting was unanimously adjourned.

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