Recycling Station

The Library works with businesses and community groups to responsibly recycle household items. Contact the Checkout Desk or call (262) 569-2193, ext. 200 with questions.

Items Accepted

  • Glasses, hearing aids, and hearing aid batteries
  • Cellphones
    • no accessories
  • Ink and toner cartridges
  • Light bulbs
    • Fluorescent bulbs less than 2 ft. (including circular & U-tubes)
    • Compact fluorescents (all types)
    • HID, metal halide, mercury vapor, and high-pressure sodium bulbs
    • Incandescent bulbs
    • Flood lights, spot lights, quarts bulbs, and halogen lamps
    • Holiday lights
    • UV bulbs
    • LED bulbs
    • Non-PCB Ballasts
recycling station

We no longer accept batteries for recycling. Visit BatteriesPlus for details on their battery recycling program.