Homework – Elementary School

Website with description
Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers
Full-text daily and weekly Wisconsin newspapers from 2005 to 90 days ago, plus newspapers from the 1800s and 1900s. For student and adult researchers.
BadgerLink Super 3 Research Guide
Step-by-step guide to learn about the research process.
Book Connections
Public library interface focusing on enriching everyone's connections to children's and young adult books.
Britannica Escolar
Enciclopedia español para los estudiantes más jóvenes y educadores. Spanish encyclopedia for younger students and educators.
Britannica Fundamentals
Innovative early learning resource for students in grade levels kindergarten through second grade. (Previously Britannica Learning Zone)
Britannica Library
Comprehensive reference and learning resource for children and adults.
Britannica School - Elementary
Encyclopedia articles with images, interactive maps, games, and other learning materials for elementary school students and educators.
Britannica School Atlas - Elementary
Interactive world atlas designed especially for elementary school students and educators.
Britannica School Edition PreK-12 (Elementary , Middle & High)
Main page for Britannica School encyclopedias, for students and educators.
Britannica School Images & Videos - Elementary
Browse Britannica's images and videos for elementary school students and educators.
Children's Core Collection
Reliable guides to help librarians with collection development and maintenance, curriculum support, readers' advisory and general reference.
Climate Wisconsin
Multimedia educational resource featuring stories of climate change.
Core Collections Complete
Interface search for Children's, Middle & Junior High, and Senior High Core Collections that includes reliable guides for collection development and maintenance, curriculum support, readers' advisory and general reference.
Explora for Elementary Schools
The search interface for EBSCO's elementary school resources. For elementary school students and educators.
Explora for Everyone
Search interface for EBSCO's general information resources for the general public.
Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia for college-level and adult researchers.
Into the Book (BadgerLink)
Reading comprehension multimedia.
LearningExpress Library (main site)
Access the LearningExpress Library's collection of web-based test preparation tools and skill-building materials. For kids, teens, and adults.
LearningExpress Library School Center - High School
Web-based skill-building materials for students to help improve math, reading, grammar, spelling, science, logic, and geography skills or prepare for high school entrance exams.
Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary
The largest, most comprehensive American dictionary. For students and educators.
Multimedia Search
Search EBSCO for video, images, and animations. 
Newspapers.com Library Edition World Collection
Historical newspapers archive from the 1700s-2000s containing thousands of well-known regional, state, and small local newspapers in the United States and other countries.
Novelist K-8
Children's fiction recommendation resource with read-alikes, discussion guides, reading lists, and more. For children and pre-teens.
PBS Wisconsin EducationEducational videos, images, and animations spanning all curricular areas.
Primary Search
Full-text magazines for elementary school students.
An engaging collection of resources that brings books to life.
U.S. Newsstream
Current and archival to 1980s U.S. news featuring key national and regional sources including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Newsday, and Chicago Tribune as well as over 80 Gannett titles.