Overdue Materials & Fines

If you check out or renew items at another library, you must observe other libraries’ loan period and fines policies. Always ask about loan periods, fines, and grace days at other system libraries.

Fines & Fees 

Overdue Materials
books, magazines, audiobooks, CDs
Children’s/Young Adult
books, magazines, audiobooks, CDs
Interlibrary Loan Items$1/day
Wi-Fi Hotspots$5/day
Explore Passes$50/day
Lost or Damaged Items
Lost ItemStandard replacement cost; we do not accept replacement items
Damaged ItemStandard replacement cost for item or case materials; patron
can keep item
Damaged or missing CD for audiobooks$12 (non refundable)
Wi-Fi Hotspot Replacement cost for entire hotspot and accessories: $90;
loss of case, cable, or adapter: $5 each
Explore Pass$150 for lost or stolen pass
Library Card$1 to replace a card that has been lost or damaged

Pay by Cash or Check
In person or by mail.

Pay with Credit Card
Pay online for fines of $5 or more online. 5% convenience fee applied.

  • Click on Fines & Fees
  • Pay with your credit card

The Library Board of Trustees believes it is the responsibility of each patron to return all library materials within the time limits established by the check-out procedures. Materials loaned to patrons should be returned undamaged or undefiled.

Library patrons, including all Library Board members and staff members, who do not return materials in the allotted time limits are subject to the fine procedures established in the regulations governing overdue books (see attached for fine schedule, which is reviewed annually). The library staff may inform patrons of overdue books as a courtesy; however, the library is not required to make such notification. The responsibility for returning books and other materials on time rests with the patron.

Patron who do not return library materials in a timely fashion and have abused library materials and privileges may subject themselves to one or more of the following, at the discretion of the Director:

  • Restrictions on the nature and number of books and materials they may check out.
  • Being charged with the current retail replacement costs of all materials checked out, with the associated administrative designated service charge per item.
  • The revoking of library check-out and library card privileges.

Patrons, who have lost, damaged, or defiled library material shall pay the full current retail replacement cost of the item(s), with an administrative service charge of per item.

The Director of Library Service shall monitor the procedures for the return of overdue books and shall enforce the policy as uniformly as possible. Administrative regulations for the implementation of this policy shall be established by the Director and given to the staff.

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