Our beloved library began 125 years ago. The entire library was in one room, and it was called the “Oconomowoc Library Association.” We are so excited to celebrate our anniversary on August 25, 2018!

With such a momentous event happening in 1893, one does wonder what else may have occurred in the same year.

So we did some research and what we found was amazing!

1893 was indeed quite the year! Not only was our library established, but a myriad of events, inventions, books, people and ideas came into being that year.

So we have created a time travel card catalog machine! Our machine has 30 drawers. (It is actually a card catalog).

When you open each drawer, a scroll awaits you. Simply pull the purple ribbon on each scroll to reveal an 1893 event, invention, news story, and more!

As you read one, five or thirty of the historical parchments, you will have a greater appreciation of the amazing quality of ideas and great achievements that men and women of so long ago achieved, none more enduring and notable than the establishment of our beloved Oconomowoc Public Library.