Renew Items

Most items can be renewed three times if there is not a hold on the item and if your fine balance is less than $5. Items can be renewed in person, by phone, online, or on our app.

CAFÉ Libraries Online

  1. Visit CAFÉ Libraries Online.
  2. Select My Account.
  3. Select Items Out.
  4. To view details about an item, select the blue information icon next to the item you want to view.
  5. Select each item that you want to renew, and then select Renew selected items, or select Renew all items to renew all the items. Some items may be limited to a specific number of renewals.
  6. A message informs you which items have been renewed. If you selected Renew all items, the message also tells you whether any renewals have been blocked. If you have set your account for eReceipts, you will receive an email or text message receipt for the renewals.

CAFÉ Libraries App

  1. Open the CAFÉ Libraries App.
  2. Select My Account from the home screen or the person icon in the lower toolbar. 
  3. Select My Checkouts.
  4. Select the item(s) you would like to renew from the list and then select the Renew button.