Over the years the Library has received various pieces of donated artwork. These works are on display throughout the Library. Many pieces, created by local artists, depict life in our community. The collection includes a variety of styles and mediums.

Lobby Murals

The lobby murals were created by local artist Anne Slatinsky-Raskopf.

East Wall

The east wall brings us to our charming part of the world. Oconomowoc’s small-town features grace this area of the mural. Taking center stage are lakes, boats, street scenes, our library, city hall, shops, landmarks, churches, and all that we hold dear. As a community, we work together to improve life for all. We reach out and pitch in on community projects, highway clean-ups, food pantry drives, park developments, bike paths, community movie nights, honoring our veterans, holiday parades, and all the comforts one looks for in a small town. This is the focus on the east wall, reminding all of the importance of community support and contribution.

lobby mural

~Adapted from Anne Roskopf’s Mural Proposal

West Wall

The west wall’s focal point is a giant open book with fluttering pages, classical in nature and serving as a portal between the outside world. From sky to land, from east to west, delights of adventure and knowledge are depicted with imagery that suggests discovery. The celestial view has reference to constellations, planets, the universe, space travel, and more. Soaring from the middle ground, the viewer encounters lands far off, desert landscapes, Roman ruins, cityscapes, and more lead the reader into the vastness that awaits us within the library’s walls. The foreground highlights the wonders that spring forth from the earth: rivers, lakes, mountains, rocks, and all the beauty nature provides. Trees, flowers, birds, and animals alike become part of the viewer’s experience.

west wall mural

Children's Mural

In 2009, the Library was looking for ways to encourage families to stay awhile, read, enjoy puzzles, or play. Library Director, Ray McKenna, and then-Youth Services Librarian Betsy Bromley worked together to design an early literacy corner where young kids and their caregivers could spend time together.

Hans and Laure Reuters of Woman’s Touch Decorating created a design of what it might look like inside a child’s imagination—trains, a dragon, a castle, animals, and more. The resulting mural is a colorful, timeless, and imaginative work of art that sets a warm and welcoming tone for the early literacy corner. In 2019, beloved storytime puppets Freddy Frog and Gottcha Bird were added to the mural.

Children's mural