Procedure for Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials

  1. The patron must complete the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form. The Library will not accept reconsideration requests for materials that have been reconsidered within the past three years.
  2. The Library Director will form an ad hoc Reconsideration Committee consisting of the Library Director, the selector for the subject area or format of the material under reconsideration; and a full-time staff member whose name is drawn at random. The Director will designate one committee member to chair the committee. The committee will take the following steps:
    1. Each member will individually review the “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials” form.
    2. Each member will individually read (view, etc.) the material in question in its entirety.
    3. Each member will consult journals, magazines, newspapers, or other resources for reviews of the material.
    4. The committee will hold a meeting to discuss the material in question. This meeting shall be held within two months of the filing of the request for reconsideration. The committee chair will notify the patron of the meeting, where the patron will have the right to speak.
    5. Each member will submit, in writing, their recommendations to the Library Director.
    6. The Library Director will make a decision regarding the disposition of the material. The Library Director will communicate this decision, along with the reasons for it, in writing to the individual who initiated the request.
    7. For the duration of the committee’s work, the material in question will remain in the library collection and will be treated the same as other library material.
  3. If the patron desires further action, they may submit a written appeal to the Library Board of Trustees within ten business days. If the Board plans to address the appeal at a meeting, the Board President will notify the patron. The Board reserves the right to limit the length of public comments. The Board will determine whether the staff followed the Library’s Collection Development Policy and the Procedure for Request for Reconsideration. On the basis of this determination, the Board may vote to uphold or overrule the decision of the Director. The decision of the Board is final.

Adopted 11/24/1981
Reconfirmed 3/8/1995
Reconfirmed 5/11/2000
Revised 5/12/2005
Revised 6/11/2009
Reconfirmed 9/10/2013
Revised 11/12/2020