Mobile Library Policy

The Oconomowoc Public Library will maintain a Mobile Library program that serves local senior living facilities (“facility” or “facilities”). Before a facility begins receiving Mobile Library services, an authorized representative of the facility must sign the Library’s Mobile Library Agreement. If at any time the Library’s budget, plans, or staffing change, Mobile Library services may adjust, increase, or decrease.

Because the staffing and needs of various facilities differ from one another, some terms of service (excluding those in this policy) may vary. The Library will arrange terms of service with each facility. All terms must be approved by the Library Director and followed faithfully by each local senior living facility.

This Mobile Library Policy is limited to senior living facilities. The Library may visit other facilities, events, or organizations to check out materials and issue library cards. Cards issued and materials checked out on those occasions are subject to the Library’s standard circulation policies and cardholder agreement (see Overdue Library Materials Policy).

Delivery & Pickup of Materials

  • Library staff will visit senior living facilities and will provide materials for checkout, collect returned materials, accept requests for materials, register new patrons for library cards, and assist in eBook checkouts.
  • Staff will only bring for browsing those library materials without a holds queue. Patrons may place holds for staff to deliver when they become available.
  • Mobile Library volunteers may pick up returned Mobile Library materials (please see Mobile Library Volunteers section).

Ordering Materials

  • When a Mobile Library patron’s hold becomes available, Library staff will deliver it at the next scheduled delivery date. Mobile Library patrons may not request Library materials that are not holdable (e.g., “Lucky Day” items).
  • Mobile Library patrons may not request items from outside the CAFÉ Library system (Interlibrary Loan items).
  • Mobile Library patrons must request Library materials through appropriate Library staff, and not through their personal accounts.

Loan Periods & Fines

  • Overdue fines are waived for Mobile Library patrons.
  • Checkout periods and renewal policies may vary, depending on the policies of the loaning library.
  • Participants are responsible for all items checked out to their library card and will be charged the standard fee for any lost or damaged item (see Overdue Library Materials Policy).
  • If a patron has a lost or damaged item on their account, they will not be permitted to check out Mobile Library materials until their account is back in good standing, either by returning the item or paying the replacement fee.
  • While the Library will not charge overdue fines, participants must return materials on time, based on the Mobile Library schedule.
  • The Library may limit the number or type of materials available for checkout via Mobile Library.

Mobile Library Volunteer

  • Library volunteers may pick up materials from Mobile Library locations.
  • Mobile Library volunteers must:
    • Pass a City of Oconomowoc background check.
    • Complete a volunteer interview and training.
    • Provide proof of insurance that meets City standards.
    • Sign a liability waiver indemnifying the Oconomowoc Public Library and the City of Oconomowoc against any injury or loss.

Adopted 11/10/2016
Revised 12/10/2020