Programming Policy


Staff develop and manage the Library’s programs to meet the cultural, informational, educational, and recreational needs of those in the Library’s service area. The Library maintains a patron-oriented selection of programs by anticipating and responding to community needs and expectations.


Responsibility for programming lies with Library staff designated by the Library Director, operating within the policies of the Library Board. Other staff members and the public may suggest programs and events for consideration.

General Principles

The Library Board affirms the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and Library-Initiated Programs as a Resource.

The Library’s philosophy regarding free access to information and ideas, formally stated in the Collection Development Policy, shall similarly apply to Library programming. Responsibility for children’s attendance at Library programs rests with their parent or legal guardian.

Staff make programming decisions in accordance with the Library’s Mission Statement and Strategic Plan. Programming decisions position the Library as the preferred partner for lifelong learning, embrace diversity, commit to excellence in service, improve effectiveness, and remove barriers.

Staff contribute to the development of patron-oriented programs by:

  • Engaging in open, continuous communication with Library patrons.
  • Handling all requests equitably.
  • Working with one another to understand and respond to community needs.
  • Understanding and responding to changing demographics and societal changes.
  • Recognizing that programs of varying topics and formats are necessary to satisfy diverse needs of Library users.
  • Balancing individual needs and broader community needs in determining the best allocation of resources.
  • Seeking continuous improvement through ongoing measurement.
  • Reviewing programs regularly to ensure they reflect current areas of community interest.

In some cases, the Library may provide programming at locations other than the Library. The Library may partner with other organizations to offer programs on-site, off-site, or virtually. Library programs are not used for commercial, religious, or partisan purposes, or the solicitation of business. The Library may hire professional presenters with specialized or unique expertise or talent. The views and opinions of program presenters do not necessarily represent those of the Library. In general, there is no cost to attend Library programs. The Library does not deny access to programs if a patron owes a fine or fee.